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     This is the story of ever after soft rock ...

Though the name implies otherwise, the unique style of ever after soft rock defies categorization.
The music of these storytellers flows over many genres, including rock, folk, blues, country, and Celtic.

Theme songs are the core of ever after soft rock.
Songs written as stories about people, places, businesses, or events.
Written to give the listener an emotional connection to the theme.

Lightning is the key ...

Two teenagers struck by lightning, drawn back together 20 years later.

Former high school sweethearts reunited to embrace their musical destiny, as the musical group ever after soft rock.

“There came a freak storm and a bolt it struck true.
Two souls became one, it was then that I knew.
I can still see his face, I can still hear him say,
You’ll be mine ever after today…”  

From the song "ever after today" - © 2006

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