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     About the Music - the science behind it.

The music ever after soft rock writes and performs is about the human experience. It is designed to reach into your head and heart and grab you to engage your emotions. The words mean something, and the music for each song is designed to grab at you and bring the emotion of the words to a higher level."

Tom and Bonnie believe that people listen to music in 2 basic ways - Some folks are more inclined to listen to the words and absorb the meanings and emotions from that part of the song. The rest listen more closely to the music and absorb the emotions from that. It all depends on what kind of thinker you are.

Their music is designed to grab a hold of BOTH groups of people to give them the same emotional response, at a higher level. If you break it down to the raw basics, people listen to music because they either want to be up or they want to be down. By gearing both the words AND music to the emotions, you make sure your audience gets an enhanced experience. And that is what the music that ever after writes is about.

     ever after soft rock - The Songs

All lyrics and musical scores for ever after are composed, performed and copyrighted by the band's founders, Bonnie and Tom.

The band's name, ever after soft rock, was chosen based on Bonnie & Tom's passion for music and steadfast love for one another - especially significant considering the hurdles the relationship had to overcome to make it to this point.

While a great deal of thought is put into the lyrics, ever after also places great importance on the instrumental tracks - which play a prominent role in each song.

ever after soft rock has many songs ready for distribution. For example, examine Fly Away Home, Alice and Santa Ynez:

  • Fly Away Home is based on Bonnieís initial reaction to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Deeply moved by the sacrifices of the public safety personnel who stepped up in the face of disaster, Bonnie wrote the song as a tribute to those brave souls who embodied the true spirit of America. The song is based on the story of a female police officer who gave her life on that day in the line of duty. Itís a haunting soft rock piece designed to grab at your heart strings and pull. Crafting the song was such an emotional experience for Bonnie that she put it aside and did not finish it until early 2005. The emotions are still as strong today. Itís more than the police officerís story Ė Fly Away Home is a tribute to all the men, women, and their families, who were touched by the events of that fateful day.

  • Alice is a dark story of lies and the downward spiral of a relationship. The song is based on the emotion the music brought forth while Tom was working on the main guitar riff line. Bonnie was struck by the darkness of the music. Inspired, she had the lyrics and melody written in under an hour; Tom had the score outlined and the rough draft of the song done in about three hours.

  • Santa Ynez personifies the bandís philanthropic side. Bonnie and Tom created the score after attending a performance at the Firestone Estate in Santa Ynez, California. The performance featured David Crosby and Neil Young, to raise funds for the local arts programs in the school system. It embraces the Santa Ynez spirit: friendship, fine wine, fun and festivities.

  • Stormin Down The Road is a fun theme song written about a small trucking company out of Spring Lake, MI called Stormin' Transport. The owners are friends of Tom and Bonnie, and the lyrics are from conversations around the camp fire. The song has a unique ending.

     ever after soft rock Musical credits

  • Fly Away Home was written by Tom and Bonnie. All instrumentals performed by Tom. Vocals performed by Bonnie. Copyright 2005.

  • Alice was written by Tom and Bonnie. All instrumentals performed by Tom. Lead vocals performed by Bonnie. Harmony vocals performed by Tom. Copyright 2005.

  • Santa Ynez was written by Tom and Bonnie. Instrumentals performed by Tom, with the exception of the Celtic fiddle, which was performed by Natalie Beversluis. All vocals performed by Bonnie. Copyright 2003.

  • Stormin' Down the Road was written by Tom and Bonnie. Instrumentals performed by Tom, with the exception of the fiddle, which was performed by Natalie Beversluis. Vocals performed by Bonnie and Tom. Copyright 2005.

  • Ever After Today was written by Bonnie and Tom. Bonnie and Tom on Vocals. Bonnie on piano, Tom on the rest of the instrumentals. Copyright 2006.

  • Final mix and engineering of all songs completed by Rodger Bliss of River City Studios, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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