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ever after Today
is the theme song for ever after soft rock. A history in song.
Listen to ever after Today music clip.

Santa Ynez embraces the Santa Ynez spirit: friendship, fine wine, fun and festivities.
Listen to Santa Ynez music clip.

Alice is a dark story of lies and the downward spiral of a relationship.
Listen to Alice music clip.

Fly Away Home is a tribute to those brave souls who embodied the true spirit of America during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.
Listen to Fly Away Home music clip.

Stormin' Down the Road is a lighthearted theme song about the owners of a very real trucking company called Stormin' Transport. Tommy and Sheri G. are fun people who enjoy life. This song reflects the dedication they have to their company, customers and each other. Visit Stormin' Transport's website.

Listen to Stormin' Down the Road music clip.

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