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The theme song Ever After Today
by ever after soft rock...


Ever After Today - © 2006

Verse 1

I’ll tell you a tale, or a love for the ages.
Of a spell that was cast by a king of the mages.


I can still see his face, I can still hear him say –
“You’ll be mine, ever after today.”

Verse 2

A young girl was I, and a young man was he,
on the day that we met, when we were 16.


Verse 3

There came a freak storm, and a bolt it struck true.
Two souls became one, it was then that I knew…

Chorus – into bridge

Verse 4

But the time was not right, fate she threw us a twist.
Twenty years, they did pass, and his love I did miss
So I found him again, we moved forward and then
On the day we were wed, here’s the words that were said –

Last Chorus

I could still see your face, I could still hear you say –
“You’ll be mine ever after today.”
I can still see your face, I can still hear you say –
“Now you’re mine, ever after today.”
I’ll be yours ever after, today

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