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The moving lyrics of Fly Away Home
by ever after soft rock...


Fly Away Home - © 2005

Verse 1

On a day that dawned with promise, death dropped from the sky.
And I didnít even know it. Later all the stations showed it.
As the world watched, with tears in itís eyes.

The call came in for back up, and we ran as duty called.
Through the crowded streets we flew, while the winds of destruction blew
around us, as we reached the scene appalled.


Fly away home, thatís where they wanted to be.
Instead they earned a footnote in the pages of history.
And they went home. Fly away home.

Verse 2

As the dust did settle, we went in to do our job.
I sifted through the rubble, and I found your body huddled
where youíd fallen, trampled by the mobs.


Fly away home, thatís where you thought you would flee.
But how youíre just a victim, of that day of infamy..
And you went home. Fly away home.

Verse 3

I reached down to lift you, thinking how life wasnít fair.
Then the walls came crashing down. And Iím trapped now on the ground.
Under tons of metal, running out of air.

Last Chorus

Fly away home, thatís where I wish I could be.
And if youíre not too far ahead, would you please wait for me
Iím going home. Fly away home. Away home. Home. Away Home. Away Home.


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